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One of the many highlights: L!VE betting. Here you can bet on your favourite in real time while the game is still being played. And a state-of-the-art interface makes for a perfect overview. The ultimate thrill:

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Addiction is generally a certain pattern of behaviour marked by a irresistible, growing desire to achieve a specific feeling or state. The aim of addictive behaviour is either to produce pleasure and/or prevent displeasure (restlessness, sadness, anger, etc). Addiction is caused by a number of colluding factors: individual, society and the addictive drug. Generally, anyone can become addicted. As addiction is not limited to specific substances, every form of human behaviour may evolve into an addiction (e.g. alcoholism, anorexia, workaholism, gaming addiction, shopping addiction).

American betting methods
While in European betting a bet on draw is often related to high odds, in American betting a draw is regarded as "no action" - i.e. as if the game had not taken place. For this reason a draw is rated at odds of 1.0 and your stake is returned and credited to your betting account. Please note: In American sports the visiting team is usually always named first.

American odds
In the U.S. they view a bet from the US$ 100 perspective - either you have to place US$ 100 on your favourite team or you have to place a certain stake to win US$ 100. Also with American betting interpretations, only the net winnings are quoted. To calculate the total payout, you must add your initial stake.

Ante Post Bets
Ante post bets are those placed at our quoted prices on named selections taking part in an event before it has started, like Long term bets (e.g. bets placed one week before the event happens). Should your ante post selection fail to participate in the event, then the bet will be considered lost.

Banker (System bets)
If you are convinced you know the outcome of a bet, you can bet on the result as the so-called bank in a system bet. In other words: As soon as you have opted for a system with three bets (e.g. System 2/3), you can combine the system with a bank. Your bet will be successful if you picked the right bank result and have complied with the system bet criteria. Example: You would like to bet on four games of the current national league round. As bank you decide that FC Bayern will win its home game against Freiburg. You then combine the other three games in a system bet with 2/3 picks. Your bet wins, if the bank pick was the correct one - i.e. if Bayern wins - and at least two of the picks in your system bet were right. Please note: To play your bank bets, indicate your desired pick on your bet slip and then click on "System". Activate the bank function by clicking "Display banks". You also have the possibility of combining several bank tips with system bets. Clicking "B" before the respective result activates the result as a bank pick (deactivate by clicking a second).

The bookie or bookmaker creates the odds (prices) and takes in the bets. In a manner of speaking, he is the betting partner of the bettor that places the wager. Often the term bookie is associated with an entire betting office!

bwin recommends customers to take regular breaks from a game and only to play when they are fully rested and concentrated.

British odds
British bookmakers represent odds in the form of fractions. British odds function as follows: to calculate your net winnings simply multiply your stake with the odds given. Add your stake to calculate what your total payout will be if you win the bet.

Closing an account
Should a player feel that he/she has a propensity to pathological gaming, bwin recommends blocking the account. Blocking the account will disable a player from accessing any of the real money games lined up. Once an account has been blocked by the customer, it cannot be reactivated by the customer himself/herself; no money can be credited to the account any longer

Casino, poker und games
bwin uses either software that has been developed by bwin itself, and approved by independent institutions, as well as respectable applications of internationally recognised providers A certified random number generator creates all the results. This generator is monitored around the clock by world-wide recognised experts of games of chance and betting systems. A sophisticated algorithm ensures that generated numbers are neither predictable nor have any connection to one another in any way.

Closing your account
The possibility exists that you may personally close your account so it is no longer possible to place bets at bwin with real money. However, all other entertainment facilities remain at your disposal. Your betting account will be closed when you go to close account in your account and follow the online instructions. Please note: This action is irreversible. Any further inpayments to the respective account closed by you personally, will not be accepted. After closing your account our customer service department will arrange for any remaining credit in your account to be paid out to you.

Combination Forecast Bet
A Combination Forecast is a bet on two or more runners to finish 1st and 2nd in any order for a specific race. This bet type is available with Starting Price only.

Closing your account
The possibility exists that you may personally close your account so it is no longer possible to place bets at bwin with real money. However, all other entertainment facilities remain at your disposal. Your betting account will be closed when you go to close account in your account and follow the online instructions. Please note: This action is irreversible. Any further inpayments to the respective account closed by you personally, will not be accepted. After closing your account our customer service department will arrange for any remaining credit in your account to be paid out to you.

Combination Tricast Bet
A Combination Tricast is a bet on three or more runners to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any order for a specific race. This bet type is available with Starting Price only.

For trouble-free surfing, bwin recommends that its users use a PC with the configuration of a Pentium 100 (or equivalent) and a modem with a minimum data transmission speed of 28.8 KBps (Kilobit per second).

A "cookie" is a small text file which can be saved in an intended file on your hard disk when visiting certain websites. bwin uses cookies so as to make your visits to our website more simple. By saving the access information in cookies during your entire visit to the bwin website, we can continually adapt the displayed information to your needs (e.g. your language, your favourite sport etc.). We would thus like to point out that our website only functions to its full potential when cookies are activated in your browser.

Canadian system
A Canadian system consists of 26 bets which transpire from 5 picks. Ten 2-pick multis (parlays), ten 3-pick multis (parlays), five 4-pick multis (parlays) and one 5-pick multi (parlay). At least two of the five picks must be correct to win.

Credit card
Online transactions via credit card are possible with VISA, DINERS and EURO / MASTERCARD. With our payment service your credit card information is stored encrypted, thus minimizing the risk of data abuse. The company reserves the right to charge a handling fee of 2% for every transaction made irrelevant of the payment method used. Minimum limits which apply to deposits are EUR 10, GBP 7, CHF 15, USD 10, DKK 75, NOK 80, SEK 95, CZK 300, HUF 2500, PLN 40, RUB 300, SIT 2500, SKK 400, YTL 15 and the minimum limits which apply to withdrawals are EUR 30, GBP 20, CHF 45, USD 30, DKK 220, NOK 230, SEK 280, CZK 900, HUF 7200, PLN 120, RUB 450, SIT 7200, SKK 1200, YTL 50. Maximum limits: daily limit per credit card: EUR 1000. Monthly limit per credit card: EUR 5000.

This three-digit code can be found on the rear side of your credit card on the area designated for your signature. CVC2 stands for "Card Verification Code". You will be asked to give this code as a security measure when making international credit card payments via telephone or Internet.

Distance Bet
A Distance Bet is a bet on the winning distance between the winner of a race and the second placed horse. The option is to bet that the distance will be over or under a defined number of horse lengths.

Day of Event Price
Day of Event Price is an expression for any price taken on the day the race is being run.

Dead heat
A dead heat is when two or more competitors finish a sporting event with the identical place or classification.

Debit card
Debit cards are similar to credit cards. The difference is that with a debit card transactions are credited from your bank account immediately. Debit card providers do not offer an overdraft service. The advantage: no credit card fees.

Day's longest jump
This bet is only offered on ski jumping! Which ski jumper will make the longest jump on a specific day (under the condition that it's a standing landing)? You win, if your favourite achieves the longest jump of the day irrelevant whether it was a qualification or a competitive jump!

Each Way Bet
An Each Way bet consists of two wagers. The first is for the horse selected to win and the second is for the horse selected to achieve a place. The place odds are determined by the individual conditions of each event.

European odds
To calculate your total payout if you win your bet when using European odds (decimal odds), simply multiply your stake with the odds given. If you want to calculate your net winnings, simply deduct your stake from the total payout.

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In a fantasy match two teams compete virtually only. The winner of this match-up is the team that scores the most goals on the current match day against a real opponent. Beware: only goals are counted, victory or loss are irrelevant. Example: Dortmund plays Freiburg, Schalke plays Wolfsburg. The fantasy match is Dortmund vs. Schalke. If Dortmund wins 1:0 against Freiburg, while Schalke loses 2:4 to Wolfsburg, the fantasy match would go Schalke's way with 2:1.

Fastest lap
This bet is only offered on Formula One! Which driver will achieve the fastest lap during a specific Grand Prix? You win, if your favourite accomplishes the fastest lap in the race qualifying does not count!

The favourite is the player/team which the bookies believe will win. Favourites are usually recognised by their lower odds/prices. The contrary to favourite is the so-called underdog (dog) or outsider.

Favourite (Racebook)
In Horse and Greyhound Racing the favourite is an unnamed horse or greyhound which is defined as the runner with the lowest starting price whose name is defined as soon as the bets are closed. If there are 2 runners with the lowest odds they are called Joint Favourites. If there are more than 2 runners with the lowest odds they are called Co-Favourites.

Favourite Each Way Bet
This is an each way bet on an unnamed runner (the favourite) with the lowest starting price. Favourite bets are not available with fixed odds betting. The name of the favourite is defined as soon as the bets are closed. The bet is won if the favourite wins the race or finishes within the place ranks. The bet is lost if the runner finishes with any other result.

Favourite Win Bet
This is a victory bet on an unnamed runner (the favourite) with the lowest starting price. Favourite bets are not available with fixed odds betting. The name of the favourite is defined as soon as the bets are closed. The bet is won if the favourite wins the race. The bet is lost if the runner finishes with any other result.

Fixed Odds
Betting on Fixed Odds means that the possible winnings is defined with the placement of a bet, contrary to betting on starting price where odds are defined after the bet has been placed.

Forecast Bet (Straight)
A Straight Forecast is a bet on two runners to finish 1st and 2nd in the correct order for a specified race. This bet type is available with Starting Price only.

The Form shows the result of the last races of a runner. The result of the last race is always shown as the last number on the right e.g. a form of 4631 means the runner has won his last race, was 3rd in the previous race, finished 6th in the race before and so on.

It is possible that you may receive FreeBets through a variety of marketing promotions. Please note, that depending on the promotion, you will be required to place one or more bets using these FreeBets before a payout is allowed.

Compulsive gaming, which is also described as gaming addiction, is the dependency of a person on commercial games of chance or bets. Players typically take on an ever increasing risk when playing, and lose control over their gaming behaviour. In many cases, pathological be-haviour can lead to considerable financial damage.

Goliath system
A Goliath system consists of 247 bets which transpire from 8 picks. Twenty-eight 2-pick multis (parlays), fifty-six 3-pick multis (parlays), seventy 4-pick multis (parlays), fifty-six 5-pick multis (parlays), twenty-eight 6-pick multis (parlays), eight 7-pick multis (parlays) and one 8-pick multi (parlay). At least two of the eight picks must be correct to win. Greyhound Racing

Halftime/Fulltime bets
You place a wager on the result of a match at halftime and fulltime. Example: You believe that Inter Milan are level with rivals Milan at halftime, however, go on to lose the match in the end? In this case you would select X/2 in the Halftime/Fulltime bet youll be delighted with the great odds!

Handicap bet
If an opponent is considered more superior than another, then bookmakers give the weaker an advantage, which is added on to the result that is actually achieved. Example: Everton Liverpool: Handicap 0-2 (the 2 goals will be added to Liverpool's score in the actual result); Everton wins 1-0; but through the handicap the result is 1-2. The result for your handicap bet is a win for Liverpool.

Handicap Race (Racebook)
This race type refers to a race where the weights are assigned by the tracks Racing Secretary or Handicapper based upon past performances. Their goal is to assign weight to each horse so that all entrants have an equal chance of winning the race.

Harness Racing
Harness racing is a form of horse-racing in which the horses race in a specified gait. They usually pull two-wheeled carts called sulkies, although races to saddle are still occasionally conducted. Races are conducted in two gaits. In continental Europe all harness races are conducted between trotters. A trotter's forelegs move in tandem with the opposite hind legs - when the right foreleg moves forward so does the left hind leg, and vice versa. In the United Kingdom and the United States races are also held for pacers. Pacers' forelegs move in tandem with the hind legs on the same side.

Head to Head
A Head-to-Head is a bet within an event on one runner to finish ahead or perform better than another.

Heinz system
A Heinz system consists of 57 bets which transpire from 6 picks. Fifteen 2-pick multis (parlays), twenty 3-pick multis (parlays), fifteen 4-pick multis (parlays), six 5-pick multis (parlays) and one 6-pick multi (parlay). At least two of the six picks must be correct to win.

Horse Racing
Horse Racing is split in two forms: Thoroughbred racing and Harness racing. The first form is very popular in UK and Ireland and differentiated in National Hunt Races which involve obstacles (either hurdles or fences) and flat races which are unobstructed races over a given distance. In Harness races horses pull a wheeled cart called a Sulky. This form of racing is very popular in North America and Scandinavia.

It is possible that you may receive FreeBets through a variety of marketing promotions. Please note, that depending on the promotion, you will be required to place one or more bets using these FreeBets before a payout is allowed.

The International Bank Account (IBAN) is an international standard for account numbers. The IBAN can be used for cross-border transactions. Within the European Union, the IBAN is the condition for "European Standard Bank Transfers".

Inpayment limits
bwin sets a maximum standard limit on stake payments of EUR 5,000 per month and EUR 1,000 per day. However, you may of course establish a lower amount as your personal limit. bwin recommends that players should not change the maximum limit later on. Requests to increase inpayment limits up to the standard limit of EUR 5,000 can be implemented only after 72 hours and as part of our Responsible Gaming policy or the monitoring program also only after checking back with the customer first.

Joint Favourites
When two Horses or Dogs have the lowest odds these are referred to as "Joint Favourites". In the event of two selections starting as Joint Favourites, stakes are divided equally. If there are three or more Horses or Dogs with the lowest odds they are called "Co-Favourites" and stakes will be divided proportionately.

Last Minute bet
With Last Minute bets you place your bet on those events for which betting will be closing shortly, i.e. in the last minute!

List of odds
You have the opportunity to have the odds on your favourite types of sports and leagues sent to you by e-mail. Simply select your favourites in the left field with the CTRL and left mouse button and with a click on the arrow pointing to the right move them into the right field. If you would like to delete any of your favourites from your selected list, simply highlight and click on the arrow pointing to the left.

Live bet calendar
Here you will find an overview of all scheduled live betting events. If a live betting event is presently being played, then a L!VE button is blended in adjacent to the sporting event.

The livescore is an important resource for bettors. With livescore the results of sporting events can be followed live on the Internet.

Long-term bet
The name says it all; this is a bet which runs over a long period of time. As a general rule, one can wager months before on who will be crowned as Formula One Champion, who will win the Tour de France or who will lift the Wimbledon title.

Lucky 15 system
A Lucky 15 system consists of 15 bets which transpire from 4 picks. One single bet per pick, six 2-pick multis (parlays), four 3-pick multis (parlays) and one 4-pick multi (parlay). At least one of the four picks must be correct to win.

Lucky 31 system
A Lucky 31 system consists of 31 bets which transpire from 5 picks. One single bet per pick, ten 2-pick multis (parlays), ten 3-pick multis (parlays), five 4-pick multis (parlays) and one 5-pick multi (parlay). At least one of the five picks must be correct to win.

Lucky 63 system
A Lucky 63 system consists of 63 bets which transpire from 6 picks. One single bet per pick, fifteen 2-pick multis (parlays), twenty 3-pick multis (parlays), fifteen 4-pick multis (parlays), six 5-pick multis (parlays) and one 6-pick multi (parlay). At least one of the six picks must be correct to win.

Money Line
This is the American format of victory bets. Money line bets are basically single bets. You bet on the victory of your favourite(s).

Players who have made use of the possibility of closing the account in the framework of our Responsible Gaming program but wish to resume playing in a reasonable manner will be accepted into the monitoring program. This program monitors primarily the number and amounts of betting stakes, the observance and establishment of self-imposed lim-its, depending on the respective players starting situation and the gaming behaviour. Players included in the Monitoring Program will of course be informed.

Multi (Parlay)
The multi (parlay) is a very attractive form of betting with spectacular opportunities to win. In a multi (parlay) bet you have the possibility of making several bets within the same sport in one and the same wager. Your winnings in the multi (parlay) are calculated by multiplying all the individual odds. However, in order to win a multi (parlay) you have to guess all the results correctly. Example: ManU Arsenal: Arsenal to win (odds 2.5) AND Dallas Cowboys @ St. Louis Rams: St. Louis Rams to win (Odds 3) AND Everton Blackburn: Halftime score to be 1-0 (Odds 4) Total stake: 2.5 x 3 x 4 = 30.

NETeller is a specialist in transferring funds via the Internet. At NETeller you will be required to open a virtual bank account, where you may either deposit or withdraw funds from around the clock. Transactions deposited into or withdrawn from your account are executed within the same day. (Limits when depositing at bwin: Minimum daily limit: US$ 30. Maximum daily limit: US$ 1.000. Maximum monthly limit: US$ 5.000.)

Non Runner
A Non-Runner is a participant that does not take part in a race for which it is entered.

Odds tell you how much you could win by placing a bet on your favourite team. Odds can be displayed in three different ways: European or Decimal odds, British odds and American odds.

One-two classification bet You bet on which competitor will win a competition, and who will come in second. After entering your bet and stake, you will see how much you could win in the "You can win" field. One-two-three classification bet You bet on which starters will win a competition, come in second and third. After entering your bet and stake, you will find out how much you could win in the "You can win" field.

You can request an outpayment under the point "outpayment" in your bwin account. Defined by the country in which you registered, as well as the respective method of payment selected, there are various outpayment methods you may choose from. bwin does, however, reserve the right to change the payment method in individual cases (e.g. by issuing refunds to credit cards).Outpayments can be requested daily. One outpayment per month, and all outpayments over EUR 1,000, remain free of charge. The minimum outpayment allowed is EUR 30. Customers will, however, have to pay the bank charges that incur on all additional monthly outpayments under EUR 1,000. Bank transfers will only be sent to a bank account in the same name as that of the betting account.In order to ensure your security and to fulfil the terms of our licence, it is necessary when you make your first outpayment to fax or e-mail us a scanned copy of an official photo-identity document. The purpose of this is to ensure that it is YOU who has actually ordered the outpayment and not some unauthorised third person.

Overnight Declaration
Overnight declaration is the stage after which runners can be set as Non-Runners and Rule 4 may apply. All bets placed before the overnight declaration stage are considered Ante Post bets and all bets on Non-Runners are evaluated lost.

Username and password enable you to gain access to your bwin account and place bets. This so-called login combination, which you yourself can choose, protects your bwin account from misuse by an unauthorised third party. Your password must consist of a min. of 6 and a max. of 15 characters. Please note the exact spelling and notation (case sensitive and no spaces are permitted between characters). If by chance you forget your password, you may select a new one online at any time.

Patent system
A Patent system consists of 7 bets which transpire from 3 picks. One single bet per pick, three 2-pick multis (parlays) and one 3-pick multi (parlay). At least one of the three picks must be correct to win.

Paying out
bwin cannot undo the negative consequences incurred through pathological gaming behaviour. The repayment of losses gaming will not be conducive in the context of prevention and treatment of gaming addiction, as this will not prevent lapses and, indeed, in certain circum-stances may encourage them. Permanently overcoming problematic behaviour and coping with the resulting problems is only guaranteed if the causes leading to this problematic gaming behaviour are analysed and remedied. A therapy does not fall within the authority and ambit of bwin.

Photo Finish
This is a method of determining the result where there is a close finish using photographic evidence.

Place bet
This type of bet is found only with horse betting. You think that your favourite will end up in the top three places - and by betting on this you minimise your risk. Example: You bet EUR 100 on your favourite to finish either first, second or third (1-3) in the Kentucky Derby at odds of 1.80. Regardless of whether your favourite comes in first, second or third: you win your stake (EUR 100) multiplied by the odds 1.8 (EUR 180).

Place Terms
All Races have associated Place Terms. These will include the number of positions paid in the race and the Place Fraction paid for 'Placed' Horses. By default this generally is derived from the Race Type and Number of Runners.

Prevention consists of protecting against personal, financial and social damage, which may occur in different life situations when participating in games of chance, minimising the risk of suffering negative conse-quences and protecting pathological players against further harm.

Private question
Your own self-selected answer to a self-selected private question provides further security for your personal particulars. You will be asked your private question if you have forgotten your username and/or your password, or when you request an outpayment from your betting account.

Responsible gaming
Responsible gaming consists of preventing and minimising damage which may result from the participation in games of chance, in particu-lar through excessive playing and betting. At the same time, responsible gaming also entails respecting the rights of those who participate in games of chance in a reasonable measure during their leisure time.

Here you can find the results of all sporting events in the betting line-up ordered by either name or date on which it was held.

Rule 4
Under certain conditions in Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing when less runners participate in the race than originally set up, then deductions are made to winning bets. Details of the relevant deductions can be found in the respective rules in the Racebook.

Rules for responsible gaming
bwin has set up a number of rules. By observing these you will be able to enjoy your gaming: Take regular breaks from your games. Decide your monthly gaming stake in advance. bwin sets a maximum limit on stake payments of EUR 5,000 per month. How-ever, you may wish to establish a lower sum as your own personal limit. Do not increase the maximum limit which you have decided for yourself later on. (Please note: due to bwins responsible gaming measures, customer requests to increase their payment limits up to the standard limit of EUR 5,000 can be implemented only after 72 hours; you may also be contacted under the Com-panys monitoring programme). Decide beforehand how high your losses can be. Before you start playing, decide winning amount at which you will end the game. Never play under the influence of alcohol or medication. Never play if you are in a depressive mood. Play only when you are fully rested and concentrated.

System bet
With system betting you place several picks with a single placement. If all your selections are correct, then you win on all picks in your system. With incorrect selections, you always have another chance of winning, as one or more picks could be correct. For example, the system 3/5 (i.e. 3 out of 5) means that you are betting on all 3 way multis (parlays) out of 5 picks selected. In total, there are ten different 3 way multi (parlay) results. If you chose all 5 picks correctly, then all 10 picks will be correct and you will be assured of the maximum winnings. If one selection was incorrect, then you win on four picks. However, with two incorrect selections, you only win on one pick.

The SWIFT-BIC (BIC is the abbreviation for Bank Identifier Code) is an international standard for bank codes, making it possible to clearly identify every bank worldwide.

Our support team will gladly answer your questions and help you with any problems that may occur. How to contact our support team, is explained in detail on the contact page.

Super Heinz system
A Super Heinz system consists of 120 bets which transpire from 7 picks. Twenty-one 2-pick multis (parlays), thirty-five 3-pick multis (parlays), thirty-five 4-pick multis (parlays), twenty-one 5-pick multis (parlays), seven 6-pick multis (parlays) and one 7-pick multi (parlay). At least two of the seven picks must be correct to win.

Starting Price (SP)
In Horse and Greyhound racing the user has the opportunity to place bets at odds which are not known at the time the bet is placed. These odds are called Starting Prices and are the average prices available on the racecourse shortly before the race starts. This means that the odds for a bet are settled after the bet has been placed.

Straight wagers/Spreads are classic American bets whereby teams are given a head start or handed a handicap. Therefore, the actual result of the event will either have a head start added or a handicap subtracted. Example: LA Lakers at Dallas Mavericks. The bookies give the visiting team a 6-point head start, while the home team is handed a 6-point handicap. If the game ends with a 99-94 victory for Dallas and you had bet on a Lakers victory, your bet would win (as an additional 6-point head start was added to the 94 scored)!

Special bet
Special bets are adapted to every sport individually. Examples: Which team will score the first goal? How many goals will be scored in the game A against B? When will the first goal be scored?

Social responsibility
bwin is aware of its social responsibility and the Company wishes to assume its responsibility in a proactive manner. This basic commitment vis-a-vis customers, the public and the Companys em-ployees has thus increasingly become the focus of attention in recent months.bwin has therefore decided to set up a Department for Corporate Social Responsibility of its own. As a fixed staff position, the person responsible takes care of agendas related to the prevention of gaming addiction and develop, coordinate and implement newly identi-fied CSR projects. The key tasks of this department are to learn from the Companys developments, to reflect on its political, strategic and practical orientations and improve these on an ongoing basis.

Single bet
The single bet is the simplest form of betting: One event - one wager. Single bets are distinguished in three ways, 2Way, 3Way (two or three possible game results) and the victory bet.

Show/Board Price
Show/Board Price is the current price for a race shown at a certain time of the day. This price may change until a Starting Price is set.

In your account under "My profile/Settings" you are able to customise the bwin website to your liking: If you click on the link "Subscribe/Unsubscribe e-mails", you have the possibility to subscribe or unsubscribe any of the various newsletters and promotional e-mails available. Under "Preferred language" - Select German, English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Turkish, Polish, French, Greek, Catalan, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Croatian, Slovenian or Slovak and our website will automatically be displayed in this language. "Standard stake" here you may define a standard stake for all your Bets. Naturally you can change the standard stake at any time by simply entering a new stake when betting, or by changing the standard stake under "Settings" "Your odds illustration" this option allows you to display the odds either in European/Decimal, American or British format.

Second place bet
You bet on who will finish second. This bet becomes particularly exciting if a superstar dominates a sport, but the final places are not yet decided. If your bet is correct, you win your stake multiplied by the respective odds.

System 2/3 (3 bets)
A 2/3 system consists of 3 bets which transpire from 3 picks -- three 2-pick multis (parlays). At least two of the three picks must be correct to win.

Third place bet
You bet on who will finish third in a competition. If your bet is correct, you win your stake multiplied by the respective odds.

Thoroughbred Racing
Thoroughbred horse racing is primarily for racing under saddle at the gallop and is the main form of horse-racing throughout the world. The
Thoroughbred is a horse breed developed in 18th century England when English mares were bred with imported Arabian stallions to create a distance racer.

Three Way
Three possible results, but only one is correct! The straightforward soccer bet win, draw, loss is a classic 3Way bet. Example: Manchester United vs. Arsenal 1, X, 2?

Time zone
The selected time zone is crucial so that we can set the begin times of sporting events in your local time.

Top-3 bet (1 pick)
You bet that your favourite will finish first, second or third. Whether your candidate comes in first, second or third is irrelevant you win in every case! Example: you bet EUR 100 on Michael Schumacher finishing first, second or third in the Grand Prix at odds of 1.9. If he finishes in first, second or third place, you win your stake multiplied by the odds, in this case EUR 190.

Two possible results, only one is correct! This bet is common with all sports where no draw is possible (basketball, tennis, etc.). Besides this, there are numerous special bets that function according to this principle. Example: Agassi vs. Kuerten who will win?

Top-3 bet (2 picks)
Which two starters will finish in the top 3? You bet that two of your favourites will be among the first three places, the sequence being irrelevant. Example: You bet that Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello will be among the first three places in the San Marino GP with odds of 4, the sequence being irrelevant. If these two F1 drivers do finish in the top 3 you win. A EUR 10 stake returns EUR 40.

Top-3 bet (3 picks) You bet that three of your favourites will end up in the top three positions, the sequence being irrelevant. Example: You bet EUR 10 that Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello and David Coulthard will fill the top three places in the San Marino GP. With a stake of EUR 10 and a combined odds total of 3,5 you win EUR 35 if the three drivers really do finish in the top 3!

Total In "Total" betting, the bet is placed not on the result of an event but rather on the total number of points obtained in the event. Example: The visiting team are the New York Jets (OVER 55), the home team the Buffalo Bills (UNDER 55). Both are priced at 1.91. If you think that more than 55 points (OVER 55) will be scored in this event (by both teams together) - then you will choose bet 1 (because OVER 55 is written next to it). If you think that less than 55 points will be scored in this match (once again by both teams together) - i.e. UNDER 55 - then you will choose bet 2.

In Greyhound Racing the Trap is the starting box for each dog.

Tricast Bet
A Tricast is a bet where you select the runners to finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the correct order for a specified race. This bet type is available with Starting Price only.

Trixie system
A Trixie system consists of 4 bets which transpire from 3 picks. Three 2-pick multis (parlays) and one 3-pick multi (parlay). At least two of the three picks must be correct to win. Under Starter?s Order

The underdog or outsider is the team/player which the bookies believe will lose. Outsiders are recognised by their higher odds/prices. The contrary to underdog is the favourite

User ID
User ID and password enable you to gain access to your bwin account and to place bets. This so-called login combination, which you yourself can choose, protects your bwin account from misuse by an unauthorised third party. Your user ID must consist of a min. of 5 and max. of 15 characters. Please note the exact spelling and notation (case sensitive and no spaces are permitted between characters). Once the user ID has been selected it cannot be changed.

Victory bet Virtual Racing Victory bet

All want to win, but only one can win! Whether Formula One, Tour de France or Football World Cup. Example: Who will stand on top of the podium after the next F1 Grand Prix?

Virtual Racing
Virtual Horse racing is a computerised system that allows people to bet on the outcome of a Virtual event. The rules are the same as for real races but with some advantages as no non-runners are possible.

A Walkover occurs when only one participant runs in the race. In order to collect the prize money the participant must go through the normal procedure. For settling purposes the winner of a walkover is considered to be a non-runner.

Web browser
For a faultless representation of our homepage you require one of the following (or later version) web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, Netscape Navigator 6.2.

Western Union
With QuickPay from Western Union depositing money into your betting account is both fast and easy, as neither credit card nor bank account are required. Minimum payin at bwin: EUR 10,-.

Will the favourite win the race bet
This bet type offers the option to bet on or against the winning of the horse with the lowest Starting Price (i.e. the favourite).

Win Bet (Racebook)
A win bet is a bet on a runner to win the race. Win bets are available on all horse and greyhound races. For horse and greyhound bets, you can choose to bet on Fixed Odds or the Starting Price.

Winning Distance
This is the margin by which a horse beats the next horse behind. The distance quoted can be from a Short Head to up to 30 lengths. 'By a distance' means by more than thirty lengths.

Football players are no different than anyone else. They will have good days and bad days. Their performance level will be decided by these highs and lows.

For me as a professional sports handicapper, the important thing about football is that the highs and lows , experienced by the players, can be predicted in advance by reviewing the biorhythms (life cycles that started the day we were born) of the key players. These energy levels will fluctuate from positive to negative throughout our lives.

Biorhythms consist of three cycles: the 23 day physical, 28 day emotional and 33 day intellectual. The physical cycle helps determine one's physical strength, endurance and confidence. The emotional cycle helps determine one's cheerfulness, creative ability and moodiness. The intellectual cycle plays a part in one's ambition, intelligence and logic. Each cycle is divided in half. The first half is positive and is good for an athlete's performance level. The second half is negative and the athlete's performance level can be affected by physical and mental errors. When the biorhythm cycle changes from positive to negative or negative ot positive this is a critical stage. On this day a person possesses a high degree of uncertainty. Each cycle has two critical days.

NFL Playoff Observations by William Foote

Our approach to regular season NFL handicapping is of the contrarian or value seeking variety. After all, our opinion has long been that most information is priced into NFL lines already. As such, we place a much higher premium on public sentiment than on the fundamentals. This strategy dictates us playing mostly dogs and/or the lesser competent teams.

Come playoff time, our approach changes drastically. After all, history shows us that the number of favorites who cover far outnumber the amount of dogs who cover in the post season. Moreover, the amount of double digit margin of victories (as a ratio to single digit margin of victory) is alarmingly high as compared to the regular season. We have chronicled in the past the why and wherefores of this dynamic. So with all of this in mind, it is no wonder we lay a lot of wood come December and January.

A fellow handicapper of whom we follow rather closely expounded on this idea. No doubt, his observations make an abundance of sense. While his thought concurred with ours in that the better team usually wins and covers in the NFL Playoffs, he went on to say "the better team is not always the favorite". In hindsight, the Ravens were the dog many times on their way to winning the Super Bowl. However, they indeed were the better team in each of the games they played. We've looked back over the years and culled similar examples. This last weekend provides as good of example as any.

Despite heavy public sentiment for both, a warning sign during the regular season, we felt very strong that the Eagles and the Raiders were the superior teams. After watching the games, we are not certain this is true. While there is no denying that Oakland is better than Tennessee, we can make a solid case that the underdog Bucs are a better team than the Eagles. That is in hindsight of course!

So what is the lesson? All of this study still leads to NFL Favorites being an excellent point spread proposition come the post season. a better proposition however, and one that does always go hand in hand with the team that is favored; is to simply bet whom you believe the better side is. That is irrespective of the point spread. (This strategy equals death in the regular season!!!) Furthermore, it would make sense that if the better team is an underdog, one should bet them on the money line as well. Most likely if they cover, they will also win outright. To sum up; the NFL regular season has much to do with weighing public sentiment and value seeking. The NFL post season has much more to do with fundamentals and isolating the better team.

Bookmaker from Wikipedia.Org, the free encyclopedia

Bookmaker De Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia the act to make a book physically is called the "binding". A bookmaker, bookmaker or accountant of grass, are an organization or a person which takes bets and can pay winnings depend on the results and, according to the nature of the bet, of the chance. The book-related industries can be legal or illegal, and can be regulated; in the United Kingdom it was sometimes regulated and illegal, because of the licences were required but no debt resulting from the play could be imposed by the courses. The book-related industries are generally illegal in the United States, with Nevada being a notable exception. In some countries, such as Singapore and Canada, the only legal bookmaker is of State and operated. In Canada, this fact part of the program of lottery and is known bus selected sport. The majority of the bookmakers in the United States bet on the university and of the sports of professional, however to RU they offer a range of bets, in particular on political elections.

The probability that it will snow the Christmas Day is another common event to bet with RU. By adjusting the chance in his favour or having a diffusion of point, the bookmaker will aim at guaranteeing a benefit by carrying out a ' book of inventory ', by obtaining an equal number of bets for each results, or (when it offers the chance) by obtaining the amounts bet on each results to reflect the chance. When a great bet enters, a bookmaker can also test of congedier the risk by buying bets of other bookmakers. The bookmaker generally does not try to make the money starting from the bets themselves, but rather benefitting from the event independently of the results. Traditionally, of the bookmakers were located at the track, but the insurance improved of TV and more slackened laws allowed the bet in the stores and the casinos in the majority of the countries. With RU, the bookmakers always mark to the top the chance on councils close to the course and use tic-tic-TAC of race to announce the chance between their personnel and with other bookmakers. In 1961, the preserving government of Harold Macmillan legalized that offices of the mutual bet and hard measurements were issued to make sure that the bookmakers remained honest. Large and sizeable industry developed since. At the same time there was more than 15.000 offices of the mutual bet in the United Kingdom. Now, by the consolidation, they were reduced approximately to 8.500. Currently there are four principal bookmakers in the United Kingdom: Hill of William, Ladbrokes, coral, and ToteSport of State. More and more, the players turn to the use to bet the exchanges which match automatically behind and extend from the bets between various punters, of this fact effectively cutting the traditional profit margin of the bookmakers. Some bookmakers even started to employ exchanges of bet like manner of congedier of the unfavourable bets and to reduce of this fact their total exposure. Sometimes, the individuals savvy installed an illegal book in order to try to make the money - a scene often seen out of films, sitcoms and so on.

One of the real illegal bookmakers most infamous was Robert Angleton of Houston, Texas. One bookmaker was not only it, but he was also an advisor of police force about his smaller rivals. When they were shuttered, it took their business. Its arrangement of book-related industries finished with the death of his wife, Doris Angleton.

There was a time when the only way for a gambler in the United States to make a bet was through his local bookie or by flying to Las Vegas. This was true for both the seasoned sports bettorone who wages on all types of games and eventsor the Super Bowl Sunday amateurthe person who only bets on the big game.

But those days are over. Thanks to computers and modern phone technology, gamblers from all walks of life now have the ability to wager in the comfort and privacy of their homes with legitimate, reputable offshore sportsbooks.

While the local, old-fashioned bookie, you know, the one who works off credit, still exists and will always be around to some extent, the presence and overall importance of these this type of person is diminishing just about everyday.

The main reason for this is the fact the offshore operations have become more than just an avenue to place a bet. For one, they have developed over the years to become full-service, customer-oriented gaming companies. And, even though they are based outside the United States, they offer gamers the ultimate in convenience, integrity and variety.

Because of the Internet, offshore betting companies now have the ability to bring the action right into a gambler's home 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. In fact, when comparing the differences between a legal offshore bookmaker, like the ones featured throughout this publication, and the run-of-the-mill bookie is like night and day, if not more so. You don't have to believe me, but the you may want to listen to other gamblers who are saying this more and more each day. That's right, the full time and part-time gamblers are saying so with their pocketbooks. Their willingness to use the Internet has resulted in an unprecedented explosion of offshore betting companies. Unlike the old-fashioned bookie who just gave you the ability to be on the major sports, horse racing and the occasional big fight, today's gambler is not as confined. Instead, a person can now bet on just about every and any sporting activity out there. In fact, it doesn't even have to be a sporting event, as you can even bet just about anything and everythingfrom the stock market to who will win at the Academy Awards. Fact is, most of the good offshore books give you the opportunity to make a prop. And unlike the casinos in Vegas, the offshore books, in most cases, will take you onwith a slight adjustment to the odds, of course. So you can see gamblers who use the offshore companies do so for more than just a matter of convenience. They do so because offshore bookmakers offer a full menu of betting options, a competitive vig, true parlay and teaser cards, and bets the Las Vegas books won't even touchits, reverses and action points, to name a few.

One of the key reasons the offshore books have grown by leaps and bounds with gamblers in recent years is the industry has to great lengths to clean itself up. There was a time when some bad, unreputable companies were floating, but thanks to industry regulation, watch dog groups and a smarter consumer, these shady operations are, today, very far and few between. Yes, some still exist, but with the wealth of information out there, avoiding these operations is relatively easy. Just invest the same about of time and energy as you would if you were looking for a stock broker or car dealer. Simply do your homework as the more time you put in at the front end will save you frustration in the long run.

Today, the major offshore betting firms, such as the ones featured in this publication, are well rooted in the industry. They are not only legitimate, reputable companies, they are active in promoting quality in the industry. Not only are they financially sound, they are reliable, well managed organizations that take great deal of pride in making sure their customerslarge and smallare treated professionally. And, unlike the Nevada books, the offshore operations allow for big betting limits and will respect your privacy while doing it. The reality is, this is another area the offshore books have an advantage both, especially when it comes to convenience. Not only do you not have to stand and wait on line to collect your winnings, you can see your account credited from the comfort of your home in no time at all because they also pay out just as fast as any brick-and-mortar casino. One of the reasons the offshore books are run in a highly professional, respectful manner is that many are run by people with years of gaming experience as they spent the majority of their careers working for the Nevada sportsbooks.

Most left the heat of the Nevada desert because they were getting tired of the corporate world and saw an opportunity to run an operation that offered customers the ultimate gaming experience. These entrepreneurs set out on there own and used their years of expertise and many industry contacts to establish their own gaming operations. Though one of the biggest advantages cited by most bettors to using an offshore company is convenience, many will also tell you these operations offer them a special peace of mind they could not get anywhere else.

Let's be honest, betting on sportsor anything else for that mattershould be an entertaining and rewarding experience. What it shouldn't be is the nerve racking ordeal many of the "real" casinos make you feelfrom their security guards, hidden cameras and suspicious looks you get as if you are doing something wrong. So, as the Internet revolution continues forward, where will you be placing your bets and making your wagers. If you're like me, it will not be in the same outdated places your dad and grand dad used. How about this? Give it one shot. The only thing you have to lose is your bet. And, let's face it, even if you do lose, you would have lost even if you made the bet with your local bookie.

But, even if you do lose, I promise you this: Once you make your first wager with an offshore sportsbook you will realize what millions of people have already come to find outit's fast, fun, easy and convenient.

Early Sunday morning, as gamblers flood the sports books, a group of Las Vegas-based "sports junkies" are cooking up the lines for the following week's NFL matchups.

Roxy Roxborough, former owner of Las Vegas Sports Consultants, was asked what it takes to be an oddsmaker. " I've always believed that any odds making brew includes parts of both art and science," Roxborough said. "The degree to which each ingredient appears depends on who's stirring the pot. The guys setting the lines are all individuals, with their own preferences and procedures, but everyone has to take both aspects of oddsmaking into account."

LVSC odds manager Cesar Robaina, a believer in the intuitive school of oddsmaking, stated, "Not all sports are the same, but when it comes to the NFL, I sort of feel the number. I then pull out the stat book and validate the number by checking the power ratings, betting patterns and other hard data to make sure everything makes sense. " In the NFL, where the public really gets involved, you can get a feel for the number pretty easily. There are other areas, such as college football and NBA totals, where professional gamblers have been particularly successful that you have to look at the mathematical approach a little more."

The meeting of the sports junky minds begins on Sundays at approximately 4:15 p.m. Five guys push their desks together, forming an octagon, as they pore over the upcoming contests. Game by game, each oddsmaker discusses his theory on the correct point spread. After consideration of each individual's opinion, a line is set and the numbers are shipped off to the Las Vegas Stardust where management, along with outside consultants, review the numbers, make adjustments and then post the lines.

A group of bettors known as sharks or "Wise Guys" draw straws to see who's the lucky guy to make the first bets. These professionals then take turns betting the games, as the sports book personnel adjust the lines and attempt to balance the action. Betting continues until the last "Wise Guy" believes the numbers no longer offer him/her any value or advantage.

This is a boring topic, but it addresses an issue that every single sports bettor MUST be concerned with. If you consider sports betting an investment - and I do - there has to be a method of gauging how successful your investment is. The only method that makes sense is accurately tracking your results. Bettors that stick their head in the sand will never really know how well or poorly they are doing. Nor will they realize which types of bets they are most successful with, and with that information capitalize on the opportunities that it presents. Simulated sportsbook sites like and are not an acceptable substitute for record keeping - they don't let you enter your own line, they only allow limited bet sizes, and they don't allow for any wagers except straight bets on sides and totals. To be able to really gain value from your own record keeping, it must be done accurately each and every time - track each and every wager you make - no exceptions.

There are basic categories of wagers to track. I keep results of all my bets: straight bets, halftime bets, money line bets, bets on totals, parlays and teasers. This information lets me know whether I am winning or losing at each individual type of wager. Halfway through the '98 season, I realized that I was losing money regularly on my halftime bets and my parlays. Armed with that information, I simply eliminated those wagers from my betting routine, and the results were dramatic - a bigger return on my investment. Last year, I began to bet the halftimes again with some success, but have still kept the parlays (money losers for me) out of my betting arsenal. Find out what kinds of bets you are successful with, and stick to them. Either lower your units for those types of bets you are least successful with, or eliminate them altogether, and play them on paper only until your success rate improves. This is basic common sense, yet many bettors fail to keep even the simplest kind of records - wins and losses.

But, there is much to keep track of besides basic wins and losses. It is very important to break down your information into numerous different categories to find areas of strength and weakness. Our ultimate spreadsheet does what I have been doing for years - it breaks down your wagers into many categories. Are you betting way too many home favorites, while your success rate on road dogs is much better? Are you winning those bets when you are taking double digits, but losing when you are backing shorter dogs? Last October, I found that I was 17-4 betting home fav's in college. The last few weeks, I looked for more plays on home favorites - my leans became bets, and my bets became bigger bets. I didn't hit 80% any more, but I still hit over 60% on these types of bets with many more plays and more money on each one. This is but one example of how this type of information can help you bet better. I also look at my results betting on or against each team. Bettors usually have good reads on many teams - but certainly not all of them. When you analyze how you are doing wagering by team, again, after a few weeks you may be surprised. In November of '99 I found that I was 5-1 betting on or against the Chargers, while I was only 1-4 while betting on or against the Lions. So, down the stretch, I made plays in almost every Charger game - my leans became bets, and my success with that team continued. Meanwhile, I laid off the Lions games (except one, and I wish I had laid off that one too), and saved money in the process. Identifying teams on which you have a good 'read' on, vs. those which you don't is another key element of record keeping.

Let your record speak for itself. Real, accurate results don't lie. Take a few minutes each week to track all your wagers, either with Whocovers Handicapper's Ultimate Spreadsheet, or by any other tool you wish to use. The first few weeks, there won't be many patterns, but you'll at least see what types of bets are winning you money and which types are costing you profit. By the 2nd half of the season, you'll be able to accurately gauge how well you are doing in all kinds of pointspread situations, and how well you are doing by team. This will allow you to maximize your profits for the 2nd half of the season, and keep your investment growing year after year.

One note about Whocovers Handicapper's Ultimate Spreadsheet. The data you enter is 100% confidential, available for your eyes only - even our webmaster or an IRS subpoena can't drag it out into the open. So, you can feel confident using this powerful tool, knowing that your information is well protected. The spreadsheet itself has presented a few programming difficulties with its automation. Temporarily, halftime bets, parlays and teasers are unable to be automatically updated - this problem should be solved within a fairly short period of time. In the meantime, I would recommend that you track these types of wagers by hand - you need to know if they are producing long term profits.

Once a virgin line is posted, the fun really begins. One of the more intriguing tasks the handicapper undertakes is that of analyzing line movement -- when is it moving, how much, and most importantly, why? Let's break it down into three time frames: early, normal, and very late moves.

The first people to get a crack at the virgin lines at the Stardust are big time bettors, not average Joe's. Before the 'Dust opens their lines to the public, the 'lottery' occurs. Any bettor who is willing to wager at least $1000 per game can get in the lottery for first crack at the numbers. The term 'lottery' is used because these bettors must pre-register, and the order in which they are granted access to the betting window is randomly determined. On Sunday nights during football season there are usually between ten and thirty lottery bettors; at 8AM every day during basketball and baseball season there are often fewer participants. Once the lottery period is through, the adjusted lines become available for everybody to wager on. Virgin lines are moved exclusively because of money. But it's not necessarily the amount of money wagered that determines when and how much a line is moved. Many bookmakers respect the opinions of various sharp players. A $1000 bet from one of these fellows (and, yes, they are almost exclusively men) can move a line before a $10,000 bet from a less respected individual. Often the bets are made by 'beards', people who are placing bets for others. They are easily identified by their shabby dress and wads of hundred dollar bills wrapped in rubber bands. It's quite a sight to watch, and I recommend that anyone visiting Vegas should make the effort to view the spectacle.

I consider the first few hours after the lines are posted to be the "early" line moves. These moves occur primarily for three reasons: somebody (or a group of somebody's) sees a line significantly different from the one they projected, and see immediate value on one side. arbitrage .... lines open offshore or somewhere else with a difference of a point or more. These lines move around until they are fairly even across the board

Key numbers .... 'Cappers anticipate lines crossing key numbers, they grab the value where they can. These early line moves are important to track for several reasons: They generally act as a good indicator of which direction lines will continue to move, allowing the educated bettor to get the best line available. For example, during football season, if a line opens -8 and moves to -9, and you like the favorite, you must take it ASAP, but if you like the underdog, you can wait until later in the week, as the line could continue to creep up towards -10

They can be viewed in comparison to normal moves during the week. For example if a line moves strongly during the early period and then heads in the other direction in the normal movement period, you can have a case for the public on one side and the sharp bettors on the other; a definite scenario for respecting the early move Late breaking injury information can also be a reason for an early move, as books post a number bettors bet against the team with the key injury Normal line moves occur from the end of the early period until perhaps an hour or two before gametime. These moves again occur exclusively because of money, but it is a different type of money. Whereas a line can move a full point or even two or three very quickly during the early movement period, during the normal movement period they have a tendency to creep in on direction or the other, often at different paces in different places. This is where the public is influential - oftentimes a thousand $20 bets can push a line ? point as opposed to the early period when large wagers are the line movers. Here books are trying to attract money to the unpopular side. When books respond to one sided betting by steadily moving a line in one direction they are risking the house's worst nightmare - being sided or middled. A middle occurs when a game finishes on a number in between the opening and closing numbers. In effect both sides win the bet, and the house has to pay almost everybody. For example, if a game opens at -3.5 and moves to -4.5, and the game finishes with a 4 point margin, the house has to pay both those who laid 3 ? and those who took 4 ?, resulting in a serious problem for the house. Being sided occurs when the book has to pay all those who took one side, while pushing with those who took the other. For example, if a line opens at -4.5 and moves to -6, and the game ends with a 6 point margin of victory, the house will be paying most of those who took the favorite, while pushing with those who took the underdog. So, when a line is slowly adjusted during the normal period, it is done with some risk for the bookmaker. Thus, lines will not move unless one of two factors occurs:

The linesmaker is getting extremely one sided action or The linesmaker is reasonably sure the game won't finish right on or between the number Normal line moves are therefore important to track because they offer a decent indicator of which side the public is betting. Late line moves are those in the timeframe immediately preceding gametime. Again, here, there are a number of factors in play:

Betting syndicates or wiseguys feel that the line has moved as far in one direction as it is going too, so they pound it the other way, either because they like the side OR they are trying to hit a middle Injured players that were 'questionable' have had their status determined (either they are in or out) When lines move off of key numbers, somebody knows something about this game that is not necessarily available to the general public.

Often very late line moves go in the opposite direction of earlier moves. These are moves that I generally respect a lot, and they can help me pull the trigger on a wager for games that I was considering, but not certain of, or they can cause me to lay off or even buy back my original wager on the opposite side. I will rarely bet a game that has moved a point or more towards the side that I like. The value is gone from that side, and the house beats the player more often than not. Usually I prefer to bet against the line move, but I'll damn well track it as it meanders it's way towards gametime.

I wrote a column on home dogs in the NFL just before Christmas last year (after week 16 of the NFL season). In that column I had discussed how good a play home dogs had been for the 2002 season and then home dogs went 4-2 against-the-spread (ATS) in week 17. Needless to say, our book managers were not impressed with my writing that week! I planned to do a follow up column earlier in the season but something strange happened; road favorites covered in 13 of 17 games in September. My premise was squashed. However, in all 17 of those games, bettors were in heavier on those very road favorites. So there is still definitely a trend to talk about

This week's Sunday Night football game (Giants/Saints) was over by Halftime so I decided to go through the rest of this year's data (it was that or finish writing out all my Christmas cards). It seems like things have turned around a little but let me first recap what I saw last year that had me looking at the trend. There were 256 regular season games in 2002 and 92 of them had the home team as the Underdog (there were none in the playoffs). This is not really remarkable at all. However, we booked more action on the Road Favorite in 87 of those 92 games! That means bettors have gone against the home dog in an incredible 95% of these situations. That is definitely remarkable and the main reason I wrote the column. Any time bettors play a trend 95% of the time, there is going to be value on the other side; it is a simple byproduct of supply-and-demand. The 92 home dogs were a decent 42-50 straight up (SU) and betting these teams blindly on the moneyline would have returned better than 15% for the year, a decent profit by any standard. Against-the-spread the home dogs went 53-37-2 for the year last season for roughly a 58% win percentage. I don't know about you but I'd be happy to win 58% of my straight wagers!

Needless to say, I was excited about what I had found. But was this really a trend or was it a fluke? I needed to be able to explain it and I thought of a few reasons that would explain why home dogs cover more than half of the time. My first thought was that a team playing in front of their home fans should always be extremely motivated, but we take that into account when we set the line so that doesn't really account for a 58% winning rate, so that doesn't really cut it. I did come up with a few others, One is a feeling of disrespect. When you see a reporter interview a player and ask a question like You guys are 6-point underdogs. Do you really have a chance on Sunday?the player is likely to get fired up. Players may not be betting on games but they know when they are not being given a chance to win (whether it be from the media, fans, bettors or bookmakers) and everyone loves to prove people wrong. Another is a lack of pressure. Pressure does funny things to people. Some thrive in it (think Joe Montana, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods) and others get buried by it (any FSU kicker against Miami, Phil Mickelson, the Boston Red Sox). When a team is not expected to win, sometimes they are able to enjoy the game and play their very best. Another possibility is that the road favorite is simply over confident. Expecting to win sometimes means teams and/or players do not practice as hard as they need to.

Buthistory tells us that dogs in general do not cover 58% of the time so these last three factors cannot be the only reason; perhaps the combination of all these factors produces a slight edge. It is my opinion that the most important factor may simply be that the betting public likes betting the road favorites so much that the spreads move an extra point (or more) in favor of the home dog and this accounts for the higher win percentage. Now, lets look at what has happened through the first 15 weeks of 2003. So far, there have been 224 games played this season and there have been 67 games where the road team has been the favorite (about a dozen fewer than at the same point last season). In those games the home dog has gone 27-40 straight up or 40.3% (down from 45.6% in 2002) and betting every one on the moneyline would have returned about 2%. Not as good as 2002, but still better than losing money. Against-the-spread, home dogs for the year are a very average 32-31-4, so betting these blindly on the spread would have actually lost money when the vig is factored in. So much for my magic theory; but there is still some confirmation of my theory in one other stat: of the 67 home dogs this year, we have had more money risked on the road favorite 66 times (the Vikings +1 at home to Seattle in week 14 was the lone exception, and not by much). That means that we have taken more money on the road favorite in an incredible 98.5% of the cases this season! Combined with the 2002 Sports Stats, that is an amazing 153 of 159 road faves that got the money (96%). That is most definitely a trend.

So, while I cannot say that betting home dogs will give you winning plays with statistical certainty, I can say with certainty it will ensure you are betting against the bulk of bettors and that is usually a key to getting value. The title of this column is The Power of the Home Dogand although it doesn't mean the powerful betting system I had originally hoped for, home dogs do still carry a lot of power and that shows on the bottom line. Books were complaining about how tough the NFL season was through October, and if you want a reason, look no further. In September, home dogs were 4-13 ATS! In October, they were 6-11 ATS. In November, the home dogs rallied to an amazing 17-4-4 ATS record!! In December to date, they are 5-3 ATS Considering that we have been cheering for the home team in 96% of these games, we have essentially erased a horrible 10-24 start to the year with a 22-7-4 rally. Suddenly the complaints from book managers have eased a little.

Bettors like the road favorites so much that our 3 biggest losses and 3 biggest wins on games this year have all involved home dogs. Green Bay at Chicago in week 4, Kansas City at Oakland in week 7 and Miami at San Diego in week 8 (all Monday Night football games) were our three worst games of the year. The Packers/Bears game was so bad for the industry that at least one publicly traded sportsbook had to issue a notice to stockholders! On the flip side, Tampa Bay at Jacksonville on Sunday Night and Tennessee at the NY Jets on Monday Night in week 13 were our two biggest wins of the year. The other big home dog win for us was Oakland at Detroit in week 9 (that game was the official nail in the coffin for the Raiders this year I think). Now for the ultimate question: why do bettors love road favorites so much? I think it is simply a case of not taking home field advantage into consideration enough. Lets look at the week 7 Kansas City-Oakland game, which was our worst game this year. The bulk of the action came with Kansas City 4.5. The same two teams played in Kansas City in week 12 and the spread was Kansas City 11, and we took only a little more Chiefs action than we did on the Raiders. When you consider that the average home team has a 2.93-point advantage (lets call it 3, which is typically what bookmakers give the


Bwin: :

home side) over the road team based on statistics for 1998-2003, the Chiefs 4.5 in Oakland would be 7.5 on a neutral field and would be 10.5 in Kansas City, pretty darned close to the 11 line bettors didn't like nearly as much. This may be a bad example because bettors were right to play on Kansas City in Oakland and right to shy away from them ATS in the rematch, but the fact that the two lines were about the same serves to illustrate why many bettors don't like the home dog. My advice is simple, if you are going to play a road favorite, ask yourself if you would make that play with the city reversed and a spread 6-points higher. If yes, you have a good play, if not, you may want to give it a second look. I want to make one last point on home dogs and I will let you get back to the chaos of the last week before Christmas. It is these games that are often referred to as trapsby players after the home dog wins or covers. There is no such thing as a trap. We simply put out the line we feel is right (we hope to balance action but that isn't always possible) and in many cases, the perceived low line on the road favorite makes it attractive and one of two things happens: a) Kansas City beats Oakland and bettors make fun of how silly bookmakers are, or b) Jacksonville beats Tampa Bay and bettors call it a trap. Therein lies the true power of the home dog!

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