Making the first bet or 1x2.

So, we are already familiar with basic terms, we have understood what bookmakers want from us and what we want from them (clear enough - money :) ). At last the time has come to make our first bet. Below you see a part of the line of MarathonBet.

Why a part? Every more or less large bookmaker offers such bets on thousands of events daily.

Bets on outcome 99% of first bets are made on outcomes and this is not surprising. A bet on outcome is natural, there isn't anything far-fetched in it. Because we are looking at the football match, we have 3 outcomes:

Arsenal win (hosts) 1,42 Draw 3,90

Футбол хоккей гольф теннис баскетбол скачки гандбол бейсбол американский футбол формула 1 на
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Сумма первой ставки должны быть не менее 50 Евро.
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Newcastle win 7,6

Now we know the odds on each outcome. But what do the odds themselves mean? - you may ask

What does it mean, that the odds on Arsenal to win are 1.42? - If you bet $100 on Arsenal to win and Arsenal wins (the score doesn't matter, be it 1-0 or 10-1), then your $100 will turn into $100*1.42=$142, or +$42.

What will happen if Arsenal ties or loses? It's very simple - your $100 won't be yours any more. I believe there's no need to explain, that the higher the odds are, the more money the bet may bring. But let's compare: Arsenal to win @ 1.42 and Malta to win an away match against Brazil @ 40. Will you be happier if you bet on Malta @ 40? I'm afraid Malta won't win in the next few thousand years :)

I've written all this not to boast of my sense of humour but to show how with the growth of the odds falls down the probability of winning. Well, I think we've covered the topic about odds. It's also worthwhile mentioning, that 1.42 is in decimal format.

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